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 Something must be changed on server

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PostSubject: Something must be changed on server   Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:22 am

I am sorry for that VDC not understand me at all, i think that is because he is not much times online in game... He says that is easy get golds = yes for ppl which know this game , NO for new ppl in Talisman game ,, He says combine is easy, i say it is Not easy, not for all ppl..... So, new guys come in this game, i try help much of them, because i like help new ppl,i know how is hard when you meet some new game for first time... but really i cant earn enough money for me, mine combine, and for help to all new ppl for combine Shocked
so, pls understand, first need change that drop in green scarp, give new ppl chance earn something gold till they just learn how hit, pick up drop and etc ,, 1000 g which they get in start is not enough, it is ok but is not enough..so give chance to new ppl earn something ... and they Cant fast lvl up = first that is not good for new ppl if they must learn how play here, second = they cant lvl up fast by self if they not have some gears and weapons ++++ plused

well that is my 2 c if you can understand what i mean in this all sentences..... we really have New players, much new players, which dont know this game,,so they need chance to learn and earn something
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PostSubject: Re: Something must be changed on server   Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:29 am

Well.. im not a staff.. but the new players can ask others in the world chat for place to farm golds.. mostly peoples that play TOT came from the retail server (Talisman Online).. thats why they didn't make a guide how to play the game..

Combine is not easy.. well.. its depend on person's luck.. I lose almost 200k gold just combining full pvp purple set. (6 armors)
1000g is enough I think.. +17 lvl 1 wpn is enough to solo snake cave using full exp buff to lvl up to 25.. after lvl 25.. farm at Hapiness hall.. from there when u lvl up.. u can join guilds.. ask help from guilds.. for farming to CWC.. when u reach lvl 75 u can farm at dark stone.. 100% confirmed lvl 90 in about 5-7x runs. Smile

For tutorials.. I think the admins already made an event for guide how to play the game. So.. there should be a bunch of guide here on the forum. Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: Something must be changed on server   Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:56 am

hey there ..
for gold b4 i gave them 1k gold i made test with combine it good enough to plus 17 weps and gear that make them go farm and lvling they have to try kill mobs and know what mobs give gold more than other ,, we all start so many online games and wasnt anyone there to tell us what to do .. so will be more better than everything they know from other ... yes theres something need old players help but if u see we now have good guide and i'm 100% sure no1 read it ..
they have to play more time to learn ...
for combine system i'm with u it hard after +17 but dont forget i made new gem give succ 100% and i know its not cheap ..
we dont need to make server so easy and if u say omg theres no gold enough to buy that gems i know ppl here have more than 2 mill gold that all from farming mobs and some caves ...
like Dark Stone cave anyone with loos set can easy farm it ...
also u can make new charr and go farm mobs at star town they give 50 - 70 gold u need 1 hit to kill them ..
bot allowed and pk allowed ..
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PostSubject: Re: Something must be changed on server   

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Something must be changed on server
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