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 admin help?

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PostSubject: admin help?   admin help? EmptyWed May 11, 2011 11:27 pm

to admin leo please be fair specially to those losing there items due to there negligence or some stupidity.
i play many talisman private server this server is the best but there are still some who takes advantage of those new player and scam them. According to http://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081221224310AAyzO45
A scam is when someone tricks a person into doing something, making the person think they are getting something in return, when they're getting nothing and will probably be a lot worse off afterward.

its happen to my friend hes vending his valuable items to make someone to offer. its stated not for sale please offer. what he did is he max his gold so it will we error in trading if someones buy it. but this other character offer him an item to buy items usually coz 100pills and he said ill sell to you for 10k gold only. My friend is a newbie so he buy it for 10k gold that's means he doesn't carry max gold anymore, so the other character will take advantage by buying his vend items for 1g each but actually those items coz more 2k to 3k pills....

my friend got trick to reduce his gold the result hes valuable items got scam....

i know there is no rule about it and its vending... but in behalf of many victims or stupid player as they called.... please do something about it. you can make a rule or its up upon you to deal with this. its only suggestion admin leo.
thanks and God bless you.................
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PostSubject: Re: admin help?   admin help? EmptyWed May 11, 2011 11:58 pm

please gm Leo.. i need your help... KINOSIS told me to buy items in his stall...then i buy six elements for 10kg for poor price....after i buy he buy my items also in my stall...sold for 1g each.....Sad please i want to back my items..my items cost for 2k-3k pills..
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PostSubject: DO not take KINOSIS's item   admin help? EmptyThu May 12, 2011 2:33 am

As a player you should have been careful enough not to put your item in stall for 1 gold. I have seen what happened and its all your fault that you lost your items in the process. Again do not blame others for your mistake as you have said it yourself that it is your own stupidity and negligence that you manage to lost your items.

So for the record the items should not be returned to you because what happened is an official transaction on your stall no matter what the price you have put into it. And dont tell us that youre a newbie on this game becasue everyone might also tell us that they are newbie. Also being a newbie does not condone that the buyer is the one responsible for your actions. You must always reap what you saw and face the consequences of your actions.

Also dont tell us that there is scam here, scam only happens during trade. In this case its buying and selling in a stall so there will be no scam involve. think again before you say something against someone and against what really happen.
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PostSubject: Re: admin help?   admin help? Empty

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admin help?
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