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 Rules 20/10

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Rules 20/10 Empty
PostSubject: Rules 20/10   Rules 20/10 EmptySat Sep 25, 2010 8:03 am

1- Don't ask GM's for items

2- Don't trade GM

3- Don't ask GM to be ur master

4- Don't spamm World

5- Don't use bad words as name ..

6- Don't swear or call other countries or religion with bad words.

7- Just english allowed on world chat..

8- Don't Use bugs, like war bug.

9- Don't make rumors.

10- Don't pretend as GM .

11- Don't share ur account info.

12- Don't use same info for other games.

13- Trade or selling account is NOT allowed and we wont help if u get scam when u try trade or sell acc.

14- Trade Items for other games Item or real money is NOT allowed and we wont help if u get scam when u try trade or sell items.

15- Please pick the item wisely. We will not allowed player to change their item in the future. For those player who chargedback the money sent, will get the ip banned forever without excuse.

16- GM's Have the right to banned or unbanned who they need even if the player did something not in this list...

17- Spam on World chat or use any language not english: First mute 5 mins, 2nd ban 2 days, 3ed ban ip.

18- Chang pick mode to team leader not allowed and will make u banned for 2 days first time, 7 days for 2nd time and 30 days for 3ed time ..

if u have problem please put it here on forum.
if u find bug send it via post officer to Ghost or Leo on game or put it here on forum..

if anyone dont follow the rules we are sorry coz we wont help him..
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Rules 20/10
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