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 help a noob question =D

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help a noob question =D Empty
PostSubject: help a noob question =D   help a noob question =D EmptySun Dec 25, 2011 11:08 pm

alright i havent touch talisman online since the offical cap was still 50... without lv50 weapons anyway; so u can guess a very long time, i spend like afew hrs gettin to lv90, checking fourm and events... just the fourm kinda lack the FAQ page...

anyhow need some comfirms...

the soul page.. always say i need to be lv10??

what is pvp/tot pills?.. how do u see how much u have? cause i dont see it in the reputation pages? either the npc.. well beside the pvp npc gear... is there a quest for it? or is it pk based pills gain too?
and what is pure pills?

what better pvp gears or plat?
what better to invest in assiassn or wizards? or other class?
is there a fast way to enchant?
i also see some new cave in updates however fail to find a way there.. same with this tot village?
any1 got a current market evaulation list?
assistant talisman drops from??
donation.. eta on thoses?
how to u hold more then 100k gold?
how to gain an ECC key?
anyhow any answer to above noob quest helps alot

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help a noob question =D Empty
PostSubject: Re: help a noob question =D   help a noob question =D EmptyMon Dec 26, 2011 6:23 am

pvp pils is pils that will give u compitition points like in compitition arena that point u will use it for geting PVP set..
TOT village: go to star town and then go inside the mansion nearby u will see a assasin npc there its like a transport fay

beter gears is its up to you

faster way to inahance: try to check in world chat if vip or mod is calling for inahance go near them and trade the weapons u want to inhance same class ofcurs

assistant talisman: the assistan is drop in Atlantis Cave or AC to go der u nid a Donator Cave item u use it like guild token or teleport charm Donator Cave is drop in Bamboo valley cave and ECC cave

ECC key: go to TOT village there find the TOT shop u will find there ECC key

TOT pils: pils that will give u reputation point in TOT village that ill help u to buy the new items

Soul page: u nid to be 95 i think to open it

the new caves ur saying is like same as AC use the Donator Cave item that can be looted in Bamboo valley or ECC cave
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help a noob question =D
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