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 For my cousin hope u can help me

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For my cousin hope u can help me Empty
PostSubject: For my cousin hope u can help me   For my cousin hope u can help me EmptyMon Jan 09, 2012 5:58 am

my cousin won the 1st place in the video making event..
that should be me but i gave it to him becuz he took care of my account when i was gone and shot by a gun and i gave 1 of them and thats Broad and he made that video for me
but i saw him so dissapointed before he can get the prize he made a monk cuz he will chose DS set for monk but when he login he saw DS gear for wiz
and another thing made him so dissapointed is that the DS accesories is better than the DS gear and how come DS gear is for the 1st placer while DS accesories is for the 3rd winner which is better than the gear
and btw some people teas him telling him noob cuz he picked wiz and laugh at him cuz even he has DS his always beaten
he tested d difference between the DS gear to DS accespries and accesories is better and it goes for the 3rd placer
and can u make a voting pol in the FB page if which is better DS acces or DS gear to tell wat is better

i hope u can do some for my cuzin i feel sad for him

tnx for those who voted for my cuzin

-cuz relax love u GB #23
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For my cousin hope u can help me
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