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 Auto Revive(Auto Phoenx Jackstraw)

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Auto Revive(Auto Phoenx Jackstraw) Empty
PostSubject: Auto Revive(Auto Phoenx Jackstraw)   Auto Revive(Auto Phoenx Jackstraw) EmptyMon Aug 20, 2012 5:13 pm

kay..someone asked me for make a guide about how to auto revive Shocked
Sooo i'll Teach you guys how to use it.

Steeeeeeeeeeep One affraid
Make Sure you have the Program "UoPilot",i won't post the download link cause i dont know if it's allowed..this program it's like a fake finger lol! it will send attacks and clicks lol!
okay no more trashtalk #7
After download it open it.
Steeeeeeeeeeep Two
After you open it click on the tab "General"
Done that you will see "Put Cursor on Target and Press Ctrl+A" like that..
Auto Revive(Auto Phoenx Jackstraw) Step_210
Done This you must die a time
now u ask me : WHY WILL I HAVE TO DIE?!? affraid
i answer you : calm down dude it's just for see the "ok"thing like this..
Auto Revive(Auto Phoenx Jackstraw) Step_310
Got it? bounce bounce bounce
ok so here goes the Ctrl+A,Put your Arrow on That "OK" and Press Ctrl+A Simple Huh?
Done that a small amount of numbers will appear just like that,they wont be the same numbers cause every screen has it own resolution Shocked
Auto Revive(Auto Phoenx Jackstraw) Step_410
Done that, You change the arrow for "Left Click and mark the box where the numbers are and it will be just like this
Auto Revive(Auto Phoenx Jackstraw) Step_510
Done Very Happy
ops i'm wrong wait there still a final and a very important step,change it's time to "500" not "5000" bounce
Done that there's still a final step Suspect
Press the key "K" , yes it will open the master screen but you will need it cause that was a auto click tutorial,so if you dont press "K" your character will stay walking #21
so make sure u keep the master screen opened while you do bot #20
That was all for today comrades #29
Any question,problem that i can solve PM me here on in TOT , You can Also send me a Mail #23 KevDawggg #23

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Auto Revive(Auto Phoenx Jackstraw)
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